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I've always been passionate about sustainability, recycling and minimalism.

I started Eco Stuff because I wanted to share the little changes that I've made to my lifestyle and encouraging people to go on a zero-waste journey with me.

I'm still far away from being a perfect zero waster (if there is such thing), but I'm on a path to a much greener lifestyle. I put thought every item that I bring to my home: food, decor, clothing, entertainment.

My questions are always (in the following order): 


"Is it 100% zero waste?

"If not: "Is it compostable?"

Still a no: "Is it recyclable?

Not really, so: "How bad do we need it?"


Sometimes the answer is yes, so maybe can we find it in a Second-Hand Shop? If not, that's ok. It happens and at least we tried.

Other shopping criteria that I have in mind are: buying local, from makers, choosing natural ingredients, buying second-hand or from companies that are engaged with sustainability and cruelty-free practices.

I apply the same principals to Eco Stuff. All the products are carefully curated to minimise plastic pollution impact while protecting ourselves and our family from nasty chemicals.

The average New Zealander makes over 730 kg of waste per year

As consumers, we have the power to vote with our dollar. Unfortunately, convenience still plays a huge part in our lives when comes to environmentally sustainable choices. My goal is to provide easy access to ecologic products as well as support businesses that are in line with these values.

I also want to share as much information as I can. And I want to hear from you too. Please reach out, let's start this together. I look forward to experimenting, to learn and to reduce our waste as a team. We got this!



Data source Ministry for the Environment


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